Over 30 new models of machines will be introduced at T3, including the latest in Multi-Tasking, 5-axis, turning and milling technology.

Each week, Mazak will preview new machine models on MazakT3.com, so please check back often for more information.


Ideal for machining mid-size complex components, the INTEGREX i-200ST Multi-Tasking Center combines versatility and high accuracy in a compact design. Offering unbeatable Done-In-One productivity, it incorporates dual turning spindles that deliver speeds of 5,000 rpm for turning with C-axis control, a new lower turret that holds 9 tools and offers a live rotating tool speed of 6,000 rpm, as well as a powerful vertically mounted milling spindle that provides 30 hp, 12,000 rpm and a rotating B-axis range of -30° to +240°. A 36-tool (72-tool optional) magazine allows for fast milling spindle tool changes and provides ample tooling for continuous uninterrupted part processing. Furthermore, for a space-saving multi-tasking center, the INTEGREX i-200ST boasts an impressive Y-axis travel of 9.8" and vertical X-axis of 24.2", with 4.92" below the centerline.

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A smart choice for mid-sized lot production, the MULTIPLEX 6200Y Multi-Tasking CNC Turning Center employs dual identical spindles and Y-axis travel for enhanced productivity. Both spindles, which provide 30 hp, 5,000 rpm of synchronized rotation, can either accurately machine the front and back of your part or simultaneously cut two parts at the same time. The machine also utilizes twin 12-position VDI turrets. Additionally, 5 hp, 4,500-rpm rotary tool capability for milling, drilling and tapping operations is available. As standard, the MULITIPLEX 6200Y comes with Mazak's Tool Eye, an automatic tool-presetting system. Furthermore, the MULTIPLEX 6200Y also integrates with an optional bar feeder, cut feeder and gantry robot for continuous unmanned operations.

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The HORIZONTAL CENTER NEXUS 6800 is a world-class horizontal machining center that brings advanced technology, productivity and value to a variety of manufacturing industries. It offers two distinct spindle and torque output versions, allowing shops to match machine power and speed to specific applications at hand. As standard the HORIZONTAL CENTER NEXUS 6800 features a 50 hp, 10,000-rpm integral motor spindle that delivers a maximum feedrate of 2,362 ipm at 0.8G acceleration for quick starts and contouring. A two-pallet changer is standard and pre-engineered to interface with Mazak's PALLETECH manufacturing system for lights-out operation. Pallet size is 24.8" x 24.8", with a maximum load capacity of 3,307 lbs. X-, Y-, and Z-axis travels are 41.34", 35.4", and 38.5", respectively.

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The VARIAXIS i-600 Multi-Tasking Vertical Machining Center is a full simultaneous 5-axis machine with an expansive working envelope capacity. It quickly and accurately maneuvers around large complex workpieces, such as impellers, through ample Y-, X- and Z-axis strokes and rapid feedrates. For increased accuracy, the VARIAXIS i-600's tilting/rotary table is supported at both ends and fitted to a highly rigid base without linear axis overhang and uses roller gear cams for the A- and C-axis drives. The machine's compact spindle cartridge reduces workpiece interference and further increases machining efficiency through the use of shorter tools. A 30-tool (40, 80, 120 optional) automatic tool changer reduces chip-to-chip times down to only 3.4 seconds as it keeps the machine's water-cooled 18,000-rpm, 40 kW spindle supplied with tools.

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  • New VERTICAL CENTER NEXUS - COMPACT 400 5-axis, 20,000 rpm spindle
  • New VERTICAL CENTER NEXUS - COMPACT 400 5-axis, 12,000 rpm spindle
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  • New OPTIPLEX 3015
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